Borrowing & Lending

45687 - He is embarrassed to return the money to his neighbour because it is such a small amount 49015 - Ruling on lender accepting a gift from the borrower 13945 - It is permissible to waive part of a debt in return for bringing forward repayment. 118124 - If he bought a car by instalments and dies, will he not be forgiven until it is paid off on his behalf? 33700 - Should marriage be given priority over settling debts?` 13180 - Writing a debt and having it witnessed 125914 - He is taking a loan from the state to study and will pay back only half of it 126366 - The ministry takes interest-based loans from the bank and lends to the unemployed without interest 125854 - Scholarly views concerning zakaah on debts, and the most correct view 109938 - Can he enter into a muraabahah transaction to pay off a loan that he owes? 69762 - Ruling on financial sponsorship; does it make a difference if the debt is transferred from one lender to another? 83321 - Should he mortgage his house to a non-Islamic bank so that he can buy another house? 82011 - Taking a loan in order to buy shares 95515 - Is it permissible to stipulate that the borrower must pay the difference in value if the currency drops? 99642 - Paying off a loan in another currency – permissible and forbidden forms 101568 - Borrowing money from the bank to start a business with the state as guarantor 96508 - He borrows money from his friend and returns the money to him with a share of the profit 75674 - Taking a loan with interest in order to get married 71183 - Seriousness of debt 12541 - It is haraam to pay interest because of inflation