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Fiqh of the family

8391 - He has found a religious woman but he does not find her appearance attractive – should he marry her? 8891 - Is marriage one of the actions of this world or of the Hereafter? 9848 - validity of a marriage 7577 - The wife’s family want to do forbidden things during the wedding party 5240 - He loves his cousin and wants to marry her 5202 - Attributes of the ideal Muslim husband 6145 - She wants to get married, and her mother got pregnant with her without being married 6792 - Does anal intercourse cancel the marriage contract? 6254 - Is it possible to be pious without being married? 6276 - Differences between Muslim and non-Muslim weddings 7174 - She does not want to go through another bad marriage 6376 - He wants to commit suicide because they rejected his marriage proposal 4318 - Her husband did not respect her family and divorced her after the nikaah but before the wedding party 3002 - Writing “Bismillaah ir-Rahmaaan il-raheem” on wedding invitations is permissible 2731 - He married someone other than the woman his parents wanted 3023 - She is in love with a Muslim and wants to marry him – does she have to become Muslim? 2246 - Appearaing before one’s fiancé before the wedding (nikaah) 1137 - Wants to marry a woman but his parents do not approve of her 988 - He loves a woman but his mother disrespects her because of her origins 1805 - Wants to marry a girl but his father does not approve of her