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Conditions of Marriage

152464 - A new Muslimah is asking about problems in her marriage 45645 - A realistic look at marriage to women of the People of the Book 173946 - A Christian woman married a Muslim without a wali (guardian); is her marriage valid? 169528 - Are the marriages of the disbelievers regarded as valid for them and are the children to be attributed to them? 170746 - Her father rejected the suitor because he has a beard, and she has no other guardian 146882 - Is there a set age for marriage in Islam? 126407 - Could he be a wali (guardian) to the daughter of his wife who was born as a result of an illegitimate relationship? 147016 - Stipulating the presence of a guardian (wali) in a misyaar marriage 152312 - Ruling on forfeiting the right to inheritance in a misyaar marriage 48992 - A new Muslimah has married a Muslim man without her family’s knowledge 40290 - Is it correct for the husband’s father to be a witness to his marriage contract? 145994 - Her parents want her to marry her paternal cousin and are rejecting a suitor who is not family 40496 - Ruling on marrying a women when she is menstruating 131467 - They committed zina then got married, and they cannot remember if they repented before doing the marriage contract or not; do they have to do a new marriage contract? 108806 - Types of conditions in the marriage contract 30796 - Should he get married without his father’s approval? 138864 - He stipulated that she should look after his father, then he took a second wife and she asked him for separate accommodation and to divide the work with her co-wife 128846 - She was a Raafidi, then Allah blessed her with guidance but her family will not let her marry a Sunni man 136491 - She does not have a guardian and the man who wants to marry her is in a different city; how should the marriage be done? 126254 - She got married without a dowry and without witnesses, and he is refusing to take her to his country