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Conditions of Marriage

126254 - She got married without a dowry and without witnesses, and he is refusing to take her to his country 13780 - Marriage of a convert: must he marry someone of the same race? 26069 - Marrying a second wife when one is not able to take care of two wives 95405 - Her wali repeatedly refused suitors; can she arrange her own marriage? 118856 - Ascendants and descendants of the couple acting as witnesses to their marriage 105152 - What if her brother is her wali and he entrusts the matter of her marriage to her maternal uncle? 95527 - Her father engaged her to him, then her father died and her paternal uncles want to change the agreement 12283 - A Christian woman is asking whether her marriage to a Muslim is valid 111919 - She stipulated that her husband would not smoke and he did not adhere to the condition 111844 - He wants to marry a Christian woman 21841 - Does he have to marry his female relative whom he touched in a haraam manner? 107462 - Christian Wants to Baptize Son in Church 70475 - He had anal intercourse with a foreign woman but they have repented. Is it permissible for them to get married? 103432 - Ruling on getting married and divorced on paper in order to have residency in a kaafir country 104852 - They were in a haraam relationship then they repented and got married without a wali (guardian); what should they do now? 101310 - Her father and brothers do not pray; can her younger brother act as her guardian in marriage? 99696 - Who is the guardian for marriage if there is no father? 98110 - Her family do not want to arrange a marriage for her and she is thinking of an ‘urfi marriage with no wali (guardian) 97117 - Is the marriage valid if the woman says to her fiancée “I give myself to you in marriage” in the presence of her wali? 81991 - Her father refuses to marry her to this young man and she loves him