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Conditions of Marriage

91533 - Her guardians are preventing her from getting married and she knows that the qaadi does not deal with such cases 36209 - Her father is refusing to arrange her marriage on the grounds that she has to finish her studies. Is his guardianship waived thereby? 49715 - It is Not Essential for One to Declare One’s Islam Before Witnesses in Order for it To Be Valid 45513 - Ruling on customary (‘urfi) marriage – and is it permissible for the wife to move to another wali at whim? 47439 - She was forced to marry someone she did not want. Can she use contraceptive pills? 22661 - Marriage to a Woman of the People of the Book – Do You Advise It? 43483 - Obstacles to a Christian woman marrying a Muslim man 44695 - Are the Jews and Christians who exist nowadays mushrikeen (polytheists) and is it permissible to marry their women? 12708 - Is it acceptable to marry a girl who has not yet started her menses? 22760 - Do I have to obey my father in choosing a husband, and how can I make him more even-tempered? 22737 - Announcing marriages 5333 - Paying the girl’s dowry with her brother’s money 7989 - He married a woman without a guardian 6402 - A kaafir married a Muslim woman then he became Muslim 21380 - Ruling on a Muslim man marrying a non-Muslim woman and vice versa 22442 - On acting; and the ruling on marrying young girls 20227 - Wants to marry Christian woman 20213 - She got married without her father’s approval 13501 - An invalid marriage contract must be done again, even if ten years have passed 31119 - She loves him and he treats her orphaned daughter kindly, but their families refuse to let them marry