Sat 19 Jm2 1435 - 19 April 2014

Conditions of Marriage

81 He did the marriage contract with her when she was pregnant as a result of zina, and now he is refusing to do a new marriage contract.
82 She does not have a guardian and the man who wants to marry her is in a different city; how should the marriage be done?.
83 He stipulated that she should look after his father, then he took a second wife and she asked him for separate accommodation and to divide the work with her co-wife.
84 He married her in a ‘urfi marriage, then he divorced her three times. Is it permissible for him to marry her after that in a valid marriage without her first having been married to another husband?.
85 Types of conditions in the marriage contract.
86 Her parents want her to marry her paternal cousin and are rejecting a suitor who is not family.
87 Stipulating the presence of a guardian (wali) in a misyaar marriage.
88 Is there a set age for marriage in Islam?.
89 Ruling on forfeiting the right to inheritance in a misyaar marriage.
90 Her maternal uncle did her marriage contract in the presence of her brother without the knowledge of her father who does not pray.
91 A new Muslimah is asking about problems in her marriage.
92 Marrying a Christian woman without a wali (guardian) or witnesses.
93 Could he be a wali (guardian) to the daughter of his wife who was born as a result of an illegitimate relationship?.
94 Is it acceptable to stipulate a condition in the marriage contract that her husband should not inherit from her if she dies?.
95 She does not have any male relatives on her father’s side; can her mother’s husband or her brother through her mother be her wali (guardian) for the purpose of marriage?.
96 Are the marriages of the disbelievers regarded as valid for them and are the children to be attributed to them?.
97 Her father rejected the suitor because he has a beard, and she has no other guardian.
98 She wants to get married but her sons refuse.
99 The ruling on doing the marriage contract in the presence of the wali (guardian) but with the proposal and acceptance done between the husband and wife.
100 Ruling on a child born as the result of a marriage that was not officially documented.
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