Conditions of Marriage

22302 - Women whom it is permissible to marry in some cases and not in others 13929 - Her brother was her guardian for marriage because her father did not approve of the marriage, then he agreed one year later 12630 - The fact that the woman is older the man should not prevent them from getting married 8190 - Guardianship over a woman’s marriage and wealth 6690 - A person who does not believe in the Sunnah forfeits the right of guardianship 4569 - She loves a man who is not a Sunni and wants to marry him 8435 - He claims to be a Muslim but he does not practise Islam at all; however, he is prepared to learn – can she marry him? 8412 - Desirable qualities in a husband 5964 - He married a Christian girl in the presence of her kaafir brother 7193 - The girl’s father disagrees with a marriage –what is the solution? 6491 - How can she be sure of the Islam of a person whom she wants to marry? 6122 - She got married in the mosque without her parents’ knowledge 6942 - Choosing a husband 3975 - Marrying a non-Muslim woman in order to obtain settlement visa 4602 - Parents forcing their daughter into a marriage 4035 - Husband and wife converted together; do they need to do a new marriage contract? 2803 - They want to conceal their marriage 2256 - Marriage according to sharee’ah but not the law of the land 2527 - Who are the women of the People of the Book whom Muslims are permitted to marry? 2627 - Committed zinaa with a non-Muslim woman who has now become Muslim, and he wants to marry her