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Marriage Contract

201106 - The marriage contract is not valid if the man’s sister asks for the hand of the woman for her brother, in the presence of the woman’s guardian 198508 - He divorced his Christian wife three times, then she married a Christian man, who then divorced her; is she permissible for her first husband? 225150 - It is permissible for the woman’s maternal uncle to be her guardian for the purpose of marriage if he is appointed as a proxy by her original guardian 76413 - Reciting al-Faatihah when getting engaged 222759 - Someone has proposed marriage to a girl, and she is asking whether she can meet him with a non-Muslim chaperone, because she is cut off from her family 196668 - Her parents are divorced; can she get married without her father’s permission? 176420 - She committed an immoral action with a young man, then he left her; should she wait for him to marry her? 218264 - He denied the marriage contract then affirmed it; does that count as a talaaq (divorce)? 211007 - A Christian woman married a Muslim man without a wali (guardian) and she is asking about the ruling on her marriage 208700 - She does not have any wali (guardian) for the purpose of marriage; can the director of the Islamic centre or her maternal uncle give her in marriage? 201951 - She married in secret and got pregnant, then her parents forced her to marry the boy they chose for her 175624 - Rulings having to do with divorce before consummation of the marriage 171302 - Her mother wants her to marry one suitor, but her father thinks that he is not suitable; what should she do? 105531 - Ruling on doing the marriage contract over the phone or Internet 186672 - She became Muslim but her parents did not and they are objecting to her marriage and they want her to have illegitimate relationships! What should she do? 183046 - The father said: I give my daughter in marriage to So and so, in front of Muslim witnesses, then he changed his mind and recanted his words 175536 - She committed zina before her wedding and got pregnant, then had a miscarriage. Is her marriage valid? 131252 - What is the time for the wedding feast (waleemah)? 124678 - Getting married in the embassy with two non-Muslim witnesses 45645 - A realistic look at marriage to women of the People of the Book