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Marriage Contract

107182 - Her brother is in jail and her paternal uncles are in another country. Who can be her wali? 10343 - She stipulated that he should not make her leave her house or her country 116994 - She got married without writing the marriage contract – should she repeat the marriage? 95527 - Her father engaged her to him, then her father died and her paternal uncles want to change the agreement 103845 - The meaning of “Bad statements are for bad people (or bad women for bad men) and bad people for bad statements (or bad men for bad women)”; and is it possible to find a wife who is righteous both outwardly and inwardly? 104662 - If the husband is the woman’s wali, can he get himself married to her? 113868 - Adulthood is a condition of being a witness to marriage 113867 - Ruling on civil marriage 111983 - Can the marriage contract of a zaaniyah be annulled? 99264 - Should she agree to be a second wife or be patient? 70475 - He had anal intercourse with a foreign woman but they have repented. Is it permissible for them to get married? 103432 - Ruling on getting married and divorced on paper in order to have residency in a kaafir country 98244 - Her father refused to marry her to someone so the judge did the marriage for her 89704 - She accepted him as a husband after praying istikhaarah but he divorced her 94454 - If a woman stipulates that her husband should not have intercourse with her 74321 - What is permissible for a husband after doing the marriage contract with his wife and before announcing the consummation of the marriage? 87898 - Ruling on doing weddings in the mosque and always starting with recitation of Quraan and exhortation 87548 - Delaying consummation of the marriage after doing the marriage contract 88334 - She married him after he became Muslim and now he does not pray 87496 - If a man says to his fiancée, “Give yourself to me in marriage,” this is not regarded as a marriage