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Marriage Contract

82266 - Is the marriage contract valid if she is not present? 82316 - The name of the wife was not mentioned in the marriage contract and no details about her were mentioned; should the contract be renewed? 88182 - She got pregnant from him after the traditional ceremony and before the official ceremony 83782 - Is it permissible for a woman to write marriage contracts? 75026 - Ruling on what comes before consummating the marriage with one’s wife; is it haraam to have intercourse after doing the marriage contract? 72262 - She formed a relationship with someone else - should he fulfil his promise to marry her? 69836 - The difference between different ideological groups and the fiqhi madhhabs – and can she marry an innovator? 69742 - He has AIDS – can he marry someone who has the same disease? 22661 - Marriage to a Woman of the People of the Book – Do You Advise It? 20757 - She stipulated that her husband should quit smoking but he went against that. What should she do? 44600 - She committed zina with a Christian, then she married a Muslim – what is the ruling on the children they produce? 44695 - Are the Jews and Christians who exist nowadays mushrikeen (polytheists) and is it permissible to marry their women? 32580 - Should she complain to the qaadi because her father is not letting her get married? 20424 - He did a marriage contract with a girl without the intention of getting married 10941 - Islamic ruling on a Shi’a girl who is not being allowed by the appointed official to get married 13886 - What is permissible between husband and wife after the marriage contract has been done 2201 - Conducting marriage contract by telephone 7714 - Registering marriage officially in Britain 2851 - Ruling on marrying a woman who has no religion 1260 - Ruling in the case where the fiancee puts a haraam condition in the marriage contract