Rulings on Marriage

158489 - He married a woman who suffers from epilepsy and they did not tell him before the marriage contract was done; what should he do? 149382 - Is it permissible to marry the daughter of my mother’s maternal uncle? 151965 - He married a woman who was a new Muslim without the permission of her parents, then they gave their approval after that 151932 - Who is the guardian of an illegitimate daughter when it comes to her getting married? 152595 - Is it valid for the maternal uncle to be the wali in the marriage contract of his sister’s daughter? 143120 - If she stipulated that he should not take another wife, does he have to adhere to that? 144557 - He cannot provide separate accommodation for his wife and her family want to annul the marriage. What are the consequences of that? 40040 - Her husband is threatening to divorce her if she does not watch pornographic movies with him 138358 - Who should organise the wedding feast (waleemah)? 137912 - Should she tell her fiancé that she lost her virginity or should she cancel the engagement? 43496 - He is suffering severe pain in his lower back; does that mean he should not get married? 144242 - Can a person with schizophrenia get married? 23324 - Does a man need to have a wali to get married? 20106 - Marrying an ex-Christian woman who has become Muslim recently and has a child 143273 - Ruling on bridesmaids 32479 - Family planning 109195 - Does he have to leave his wife if she does not become Muslim? 23420 - Is love before marriage better? 129284 - The head of the Islamic centre in their city is married to a Christian woman; has he done something for which he deserves to be dismissed from his post? 126712 - She received a marriage proposal from someone who is infertile and her family rejected him