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Rulings on Marriage

109195 - Does he have to leave his wife if she does not become Muslim? 23420 - Is love before marriage better? 129284 - The head of the Islamic centre in their city is married to a Christian woman; has he done something for which he deserves to be dismissed from his post? 126712 - She received a marriage proposal from someone who is infertile and her family rejected him 33700 - Should marriage be given priority over settling debts?` 125910 - Is it essential to tell the suitor that she has had an ovary removed? 34652 - Remaining unmarried for the sake of worship 109194 - Does she have to leave her husband if he does not become Muslim? 26852 - Does a son or daughter have the right to refuse the person whom the parents choose for them to marry? 65736 - He wants to get married during the month of Ramadaan 97478 - Is it permissible for them to get married and stipulate that they will not have intercourse? 102553 - Ruling on marrying an impotent man 82500 - Her parents are refusing to have an Islamic celebration; what should she do? 96820 - He has Hepatitis C – does he have to tell the woman to whom he proposes marriage? 98244 - Her father refused to marry her to someone so the judge did the marriage for her 98249 - Holding wedding party in a club with each family sitting at a separate table 96531 - How will those who entered Hell then were brought forth from it enjoy Paradise? 83034 - Shar’i implications of husband’s zina with his wife’s mother before and after marriage 91899 - He forged a paper saying that he was single so that he could take a second wife 95572 - Should he marry a Christian Israeli Arab woman?