Rulings on Marriage

93543 - Should she marry a man who is religiously-committed but poor? 49707 - He wants to marry her but she does not wear niqaab. Should he go ahead and propose or should he look for someone else? 74321 - What is permissible for a husband after doing the marriage contract with his wife and before announcing the consummation of the marriage? 67589 - Can they get married and agree not to be intimate until their financial situation improves? 87621 - His father does not agree to him marrying a girl who is two years older than him 84951 - Her husband cannot produce children and he is addicted to haraam things 91382 - She is going to get married and live with her husband’s family, and she is asking for advice 82511 - She had an operation to have her tubes tied before she became Muslim; does she have to have them untied now? 78597 - He committed zina with a woman; is he allowed to marry her daughter? 75405 - Is a second marriage contract valid if the husband did not disclose that he was still married to his first wife? 75026 - Ruling on what comes before consummating the marriage with one’s wife; is it haraam to have intercourse after doing the marriage contract? 72263 - It is better to marry a non-relative or a relative? 52804 - Ruling on hiring a woman to bear the daff for women 12506 - The father refuses to prepare his daughter to get married – does her maternal uncle have to do that? 27305 - Marrying a thirteen year old girl 26220 - Marrying a Hindu girl who wants to become Muslim 27173 - He married a widow and his family objects 27104 - He talks about marriage secrets and gets married with the intention of divorcing the woman 20928 - She married without a wali (guardian) and wants to repeat the marriage contract, but her husband refuses 33711 - Son marrying his father’s stepdaughter