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99737 - If a woman is impressed with a man’s character and religious commitment, can she offer herself to him for marriage? 187895 - What is the ruling on someone who causes trouble between an engaged couple so that he will call it off and she can snag him? 193820 - Her father is addicted to alcohol and works for a Christian who sells pork; does she have to inform her suitor of that? 180726 - Will getting married to someone who is possessed affect the children in the future? 76413 - Reciting al-Faatihah when getting engaged 93399 - Annulling engagement because of a dream 212478 - She got to know a man through the Internet and she wants to carry on talking to him and getting to know him because she wants to marry him 121723 - She likes a religiously committed man, and there is correspondence between them, such as congratulations (for Ramadaan) and religious reminders. What should she do? 173722 - He does not offer the prayers on time because of his work; should she accept him as a husband? 161227 - Is it permissible for the father of the man to see his son’s fiancée? 200268 - Is it obligatory to inform a suitor of hair growing on the face? 70402 - Should he marry a girl who insists on going out wearing adornment (tabarruj) even though her character is good? 177727 - She has received a marriage proposal from a young man who suffers from social phobia 177691 - Advice on Marrying Daughter to New Revert 112320 - Can he marry the daughter of his mother’s paternal uncle? 175022 - His father chose a wife for him who he does not want 175839 - He lives in America and has done the marriage contract with her; can she travel to join him? 175186 - Should he propose to her even though she is not sufficiently religiously committed, but she is well mannered and obedient? 175225 - Is it permissible for him to enable his sister to see her suitor outside the home without his father’s knowledge? 179557 - Can a Suitor Lie to the Non-Muslim Family of the Girl He Wants to Marry and Say He is Unmarried