11618 - How should he tell her that he wants to marry her? 125848 - She learned of some faults in her fiancé and prayed istikhaarah about annulling the engagement, but it was not easy for her to do so 125826 - She used to sit with him and his wife, and he decided to marry her and divorce his wife! 32668 - How can a man know if a woman will be a loving and fertile wife before marriage? 33007 - Her fiancé does not pray and deals with riba. Should she go ahead with the wedding? 95527 - Her father engaged her to him, then her father died and her paternal uncles want to change the agreement 104662 - If the husband is the woman’s wali, can he get himself married to her? 98716 - Should she marry a man who is a carrier of thelassaemia? 112434 - He loves a girl but his family refuses her because of her father’s bad reputation 10196 - What is the ruling on a father preventing his daughter from marrying who she wants? 104054 - Her fiancé refuses to let her wear hijab 101603 - He got to know her through a forum and he wants to propose marriage to her 101686 - She loves her cousin and he has proposed to her but he does not pray apart from Jumu’ah (Friday prayer) 99395 - How can he find out about the one to whom he wants to propose? 98383 - He is asking about marrying a girl who works as an accountant in a tobacco company 101617 - He proposed marriage to a girl and she prayed istikhaarah and saw them both and their families in Paradise 101713 - He loves his fiancée but she wants to cancel the engagement; what should he do? 99863 - He wants to propose to a woman in another city; can he ask for her picture? 99745 - He loves a girl and her father agrees to them marrying but her mother refuses 21566 - Should he ask whether his fiancée is a virgin?