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99745 - He loves a girl and her father agrees to them marrying but her mother refuses 21566 - Should he ask whether his fiancée is a virgin? 97152 - She is refusing those who propose marriage – could it be sihr (witchcraft)? 88125 - She got to know him on the internet and he proposed marriage to her but they are not getting along 96735 - She rejected his proposal; should he try again? 84945 - She received a proposal from an engineer who works in a bank – should she accept? 93872 - She falls into sin time after time, and she thinks that her fiancé is the cause of that 94833 - She has received a proposal from a man who works as a drummer 93237 - Is it permissible to propose to a divorced woman when she is still in her ‘iddah? 77236 - Meeting one’s fiancée to discuss wedding details 95056 - Should she agree to marry a man who lives in a kaafir country? 72389 - She refused his proposal and he is in love with her – what should he do? 81991 - Her father refuses to marry her to this young man and she loves him 93112 - How sound is the report which says “Choose for your daughters what you choose for your sons”? 89582 - It is not permissible to offer an explicit proposal of marriage to a woman who is observing ‘iddah following the death of her husband or divorce 82615 - Is it better to get engaged and do the marriage contract a year later, or to do the marriage contract straight away so that he will not fall into haraam? 89709 - Marriage proposal from one who smokes and drinks, and doesn’t pray regularly 85099 - Ruling on getting married through matrimonial websites on the internet 87833 - Is it permissible to refuse a suitor because he does not own an apartment? 88130 - Proposal procedure according to sharee’ah