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89809 - She has a physical defect that affects the hearing in one ear. Should she tell her fiancé about that? 85142 - He kissed his fiancée and touched her; is she haraam for him? 87496 - If a man says to his fiancée, “Give yourself to me in marriage,” this is not regarded as a marriage 83777 - I proposed marriage to a religious girl, but she is not beautiful. Should I marry her? 81931 - It is haraam for a man to be alone with his fiancée or kiss her 72263 - It is better to marry a non-relative or a relative? 72257 - Delay of marriage and its connection to al-qada’ wa’l-qadar 70331 - Can he propose to a woman whom his friend saw before and decided not to marry? 69964 - A woman asking about the religious commitment of one who comes to propose marriage to her is not making things difficult 70275 - Commiting Sin with Fiancee 36807 - Is it permissible to correspond with one’s fiancée via e-mail? 67884 - The hadeeth: “Conceal the engagement and proclaim the marriage” 25793 - Does she have the right to annul an engagement which has gone on for a long time? 20916 - Is it permissible for a Muslim woman to ask a Muslim man to marry her? 41693 - She has committed haraam actions with her fiancé 26744 - Marrying a woman who is not chaste 22003 - His son got to know a girl through chat rooms, and he wants to marry her 20069 - Engagement according to sharee’ah 23432 - Intercourse and masturbation with one's fiancee 7738 - Is it permissible to refuse a good Muslim for personal reasons?