Mahram Relatives

118395 - Every time her young maternal uncle sees her, he kisses her and hugs her, then her husband told her not to accept that 132757 - If a man divorces his wife before consummation of the marriage, she becomes haraam for all of his offspring 104638 - Marriage of close blood relatives at the beginning of creation 198622 - Is the wife of one’s stepson (wife’s son from a previous marriage) one of the mahrams of his mother’s husband? 130002 - Ruling on shaking hands with and kissing mahrams 129988 - A family adopted him because his family were bad people, and they gave him their name; what are the consequences of that? 150031 - Her husband’s father does not pray because he denies that it is obligatory; how should she interact with him? 137095 - Who is the mahram with whom a woman can travel and who can act as a “chaperone” to prevent khulwah between a man and woman who are not related to one another? 159539 - Ruling on a man kissing his adult daughter and hugging her 161869 - The wife’s grandmother is a mahram to the husband 159146 - Does she have to uphold ties of kinship with her husband’s relatives even after divorce? 153587 - Is it permissible for a woman to uncover in front of her husband’s mother’s husband? 149382 - Is it permissible to marry the daughter of my mother’s maternal uncle? 147287 - He is complaining that his wife is too easy-going in her interaction with her cousin 45970 - The husband’s father is a mahram for his son’s wife 147060 - The husband of one’s sister’s daughter is not a mahram 147971 - If he was breastfed by a woman, does her son become a mahram to his daughter? 32455 - A woman marrying her father’s maternal uncle 127073 - Can a man marry the sister of his son's wife? 32689 - Is the wife’s sister considered to be a mahram?