Mahram Relatives

33628 - His relative is in jail and he sits with his wife and children in order to look after them 111872 - She has brothers through breastfeeding, but her husband does not acknowledge the rulings on breastfeeding 13728 - Women appearing in front of men 13231 - Ruling on observing hijaab in front of one’s son in law 111903 - Can she uncover her face before her husband’s father through breastfeeding? 14333 - This woman is not your mahram 113287 - Can a woman breastfeed her child in front of her mahrams? 69849 - A woman travelling with the son of her neighbour or the husband of her husband’s daughter 67921 - Is the son of her husband’s daughter regarded as a mahram for her? 60144 - Can his wife uncover in front of his elderly uncle? 65925 - A woman’s maternal uncle is a mahram and it is permissible for him to be alone with her 52773 - The daughter of a sister through breastfeeding is forbidden in marriage 12297 - Her brother was breastfed by the wife of her maternal uncle; are her uncle’s children mahrams for her? 12852 - Is it permissible for the husband’s brother to take his brother’s wife to the doctor? 40401 - Is the wife of one’s son through breastfeeding a mahram? 21603 - What is the khulwah that is forbidden? 21599 - It is not permissible for a shaykh to be alone with a non-mahram woman in order to recite ruqyah for her 23302 - Sitting with non-mahrams in complete hijab 34791 - Uncles of one’s parents are mahrams 20755 - The husband’s children are mahrams for their father’s wife