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Women Who are Forbidden for Marriage

182844 - The sister of the wife’s grandfather and the sister of her grandmother are mahrams to the husband just as her paternal aunt and maternal aunt are mahrams to him 100325 - Is my father a mahram to the wife of my half-brother through my mother? 134166 - The father’s (ex-)wife is a mahram to his sons even if she did not bear him any children 132757 - If a man divorces his wife before consummation of the marriage, she becomes haraam for all of his offspring 203158 - Is it permissible to marry a Yazidi woman? 199332 - He committed an immoral act with his wife’s daughter 202737 - He wanted to help a woman become Muslim, then they committed zina and she got pregnant, then she insisted on leaving him, and cut off ties with him 161629 - Women who are forbidden for marriage because of kinship 175597 - Is it permissible for him to marry the daughter of his wife’s sister after she dies 161869 - The wife’s grandmother is a mahram to the husband 20884 - Muslim man marrying a non-Muslim woman 48954 - Can he marry the daughter of his father’s wife? 147367 - It is not permissible to be married to a woman and her paternal or maternal aunt at the same time 26202 - It is not correct to draw an analogy between donating blood and breastfeeding to prove that someone is a mahram 146043 - She wants to marry a man whom she loves but he previously committed zina with her mother 34682 - Is there such a thing as a temporary mahram? 40251 - If he marries a woman she becomes permanently forbidden in marriage to his father 112875 - Are the sons of her first husband mahrams to her and her daughters from her second husband? 141208 - She breastfed a child thinking that it was her son; is the mahram relationship through breastfeeding established? 12298 - Ruling on marrying a fifth wife during the ‘iddah following divorce of the fourth wife