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Women Who are Forbidden for Marriage

117165 - Is the mother of the father’s wife a mahram to his sons? 104397 - Most of his maternal cousins were breastfed by his mother and he was breastfed by his maternal aunt; what is the ruling on his brother? 120041 - Is the husband of her husband's daughter a mahram for her? 112170 - Is the husband’s mother a mahram to the sons of his wife? 117623 - He was breastfed by the wife of his paternal uncle; are the daughters of his paternal uncle from his other wife forbidden to him for marriage? 117628 - Your father’s wife’s mother is not a mahram for you 114163 - If the custom is for a girl not to marry her cousin, does he become a mahram for her? 113957 - Ruling on marriage to the sister of a person with whom he was breastfed 105913 - Should he marry his paternal uncle’s illegitimate daughter? 98931 - Can he marry his paternal cousin’s daughter? 22179 - Marrying the sister of his ex-wife 84849 - Should he marry a woman who got divorced for his sake? 95757 - The wife’s mother: rulings and issues 96782 - He is not sure whether he breastfed from her grandmother – may he marry her? 97987 - She married the one who committed zina with her after she gave birth and the nifaas bleeding stopped 85335 - It is not permissible to marry a zaani or zaaniyah unless they have repented 91983 - Marrying a woman from the people of innovation, and are conditions stipulated by the woman’s guardians binding? 85043 - Attribution of an illegitimate child and rulings that result from that 47336 - Maternal uncle marrying the daughter of his sister’s son 33752 - His half-sister from his father has a half-sister from her mother. Is it permissible for him to marry her?