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Invalid Marriages

222367 - What is tahleel marriage? 233793 - A Christian man married to a Muslim woman wants to help her to fast 230057 - She married a non-Muslim and he refuses to become Muslim 217782 - My sister is married in a sunni family who have got their daughter married in an ahmaddiya family.So, can have good relation with my sisters family or should i abandon her family because they are having relations with ahmaddiyas. 200625 - What is the ruling on marrying a Jewish or Christian woman who is pregnant from a previous relationship? 164750 - Her husband reviles Islam and does not pray, but if she gets divorced from him, she will be forced to work and take off her hijab 159297 - Marrying a Christian woman without a wali (guardian) or witnesses 118752 - If the spouses were not praying at the time of the marriage contract, do they have to renew the marriage contract? 116439 - Her father did not allow her to marry a man, then she committed zina with him 178161 - Marrying an atheist woman who became Muslim, then apostacized 140556 - He married her in a ‘urfi marriage, then he divorced her three times. Is it permissible for him to marry her after that in a valid marriage without her first having been married to another husband? 170862 - She ran away from her family’s home and married a Christian; is she entitled to a share of her father’s estate? 172510 - She separated from her first husband by means of khul‘ without his consent and married another man, then she went back to her first husband 159041 - Reconciling between the hadeeths which forbid tahleel and the hadeeth about the wife of Rifaa‘ah 45663 - Mut’ah marriage and ‘urfi marriage 36618 - He got to know a girl through the internet and he wants to marry her but her father is refusing 140573 - Is it permissible to ask Allah for his wife, whom he divorced three times, to marry a man who she does not get on with, so that he can take her back? 8396 - What is the punishment for a Muslim woman who marries a Christian man? 111797 - He had a customary marriage with her (zawaaj ‘urfi) then he left her and ran away! 118098 - Marriage of a Muslim woman to a non-Muslim man is invalid and intercourse with him is zina