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Kind Treatment of Spouses

190396 - She has a strong desire to have a baby and is praying for that, but her husband wants to delay having a baby, and now she is frustrated 218686 - Her husband has forsaken her in bed for a year and a half 226121 - I did not let my husband read a message from my friend, and he got angry 192109 - Can the husband have intercourse with one wife, then with the second wife, before washing himself? 198577 - He jokes with his wife and says: “If you want So and so, take him” 221961 - One of the wives is seeking the help of unjust laws to cause harm to the other wife; what is the ruling? 200620 - Is it permissible for his wife to take care of a non-mahram man who is paralysed? 203042 - He is asking about the custom of joking with the groom on his wedding night 220771 - Is it permissible for the husband to ask his wife for her phone password if he is suspicious about her? 212374 - How should the husband treat his wife who has told her family that he is not able to have intercourse? 204211 - What is the ruling on a wife saying to her husband, “You are my soul; I cannot live without you”? 199179 - Can the husband’s cheating be justified by blaming his wife for refusing intimacy with him? 193320 - Can she masturbate if her husband cannot satisfy her desire? 193405 - She took some of her husband’s money without his knowledge to spend on her son’s marriage 184217 - Woman asking her husband to wear women’s clothes for the purpose of sexual provocation! 186092 - Can zihaar occur before consummation of the marriage? What is the ruling on one who divorced his wife by zihaar if he has intercourse with his wife before offering expiation? 177563 - Should she seek separation from her husband because he does the secret habit? 174381 - He is not attracted to his wife and has not been near her for years, and he cannot take a second wife 172983 - Dealing With a Cheating Husband 93230 - Husband falling short in his duties towards his wife because of physical and mental illness