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Kind Treatment of Spouses

12662 - How to repent from having intercourse with one’s wife after her period has ended and before she has done ghusl 12544 - The first wife’s approval is not a condition for marrying a second wife 13661 - Why should the wife obey her husband? 12324 - A husband does not have to assume responsibility for his wife’s own debts 21137 - Dispute concerning a wife visiting her family 13698 - Is it permissible to walk naked in a locked room after having intercourse? 13486 - Is it permissible for husband and wife to remove their clothes when sleeping? What effect does that have on tahaarah (purity, cleanliness)? 13778 - Mentioning husband’s or wife’s name in front of people 22105 - A woman advising her husband to pray in congregation 21725 - What is the ruling on a man having intercourse with his pregnant wife? 14043 - Her husband had intercourse with her and he did not know that she was menstruating 9021 - What should be done when a husband withholds his wife’s rights in bed? 10831 - Her husband drinks alcohol – is she sinning by living with him? 12368 - Is knowing the sex of the baby part of the knowledge of the unseen? 7750 - She hits her husband when they argue to make him end the argument 8037 - A husband who humiliates his wife 10208 - Recording the conversation of a wife of whom one is suspicious 668 - Should a man be told of his wife’s immoral conduct? 5281 - Can she withhold herself from her husband who does not pray? 4501 - Her husband doesn’t pray and she is withholding from having intercourse with him