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Kind Treatment of Spouses

126994 - She frowns at him and forsakes him in bed because he does not give her her rights 43028 - The reason why it is forbidden to have intercourse with one's wife when she is menstruating or bleeding following childbirth 21898 - She is a new Muslim and is complaining about her husband 101574 - She left her husband’s home, and her lover asked her to marry him when she was still married! 102446 - Obligation of treating co-wives fairly and some of the rules on travel for men with more than one wife 117894 - His wife does not think that niqaab is obligatory; should he force her to wear it? 26168 - She cannot leave her husband who does not pray 113761 - What is the ruling on admitting a man or woman to the marital bedroom? 103845 - The meaning of “Bad statements are for bad people (or bad women for bad men) and bad people for bad statements (or bad men for bad women)”; and is it possible to find a wife who is righteous both outwardly and inwardly? 82645 - Spouses who argue a great deal and she hits him. Should he divorce her? 46910 - If there are ongoing arguments and disputes with the husband, is divorce required? 101903 - When is buying a large house considered extravagance? 13318 - Ruling on setting up a recorder to watch over a relative’s conversations 46665 - He wants to give his wife a gift on the anniversary of their marriage each year 101567 - Ruling on using medicine or mechanical means to enlarge the penis 104018 - Can she refuse her husband’s request for intercourse if she knows that he will miss Fajr prayer? 83044 - His wife became Muslim but he hurts her and mistreats her 101776 - Husband Forcing Wife to Divulge Private Conversations 101130 - Affection and compassion between spouses 99756 - His wife is not very interested in intercourse so he resorts to masturbation