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Kind Treatment of Spouses

98624 - His wife does not pray and she disobeys him in a lot of things. What is the ruling concerning her? How should he deal with her? 83776 - Her husband is not fulfilling her sexual desires so she is resorting to masturbation 97495 - He wants to photograph his wife naked so that he can look at the pictures when he is away! 77514 - Anal intercourse is haraam even with a barrier 98032 - He made divorce conditional upon something that his wife does not know about 72355 - He found out that his wife was having a relationship with a man, then she repented. Should he divorce her? 65956 - Should he observe i’tikaaf during the last ten days of Ramadaan by himself and not go back to his family and worship with them? 91391 - It is permissible for the husband to receive well-wishers when he is junub 88125 - She got to know him on the internet and he proposed marriage to her but they are not getting along 96704 - She loves him but he cannot stand her because she is not beautiful. Should he divorce her? 91878 - She dislikes her husband but he refuses to divorce her and he does not give her her rights 95077 - His wife does not pray regularly 96122 - He promised her some clothes then he gave them to his sister 72364 - Should he give his wife control over her own wealth as he does not handle money well? 95742 - Is it prescribed for a woman to say when having intercourse, “Allaahumma jannibna al-shaytaan”? 91968 - There is nothing in Islam to say that anal intercourse is permissible 70273 - She lost her virginity in childhood due to an accident – should she conceal that from her husband? 91962 - Getting married with the intention of divorce and the bad consequences of that 81933 - Is it one of the wife’s rights to have her own accommodation? 72326 - Is it permissible for a husband to give a gift to his wife and not to the rest of his heirs?