Kind Treatment of Spouses

90099 - Man enjoying intimacy with his wife via the internet 87607 - She does not enjoy intercourse but she is hiding that from her husband 88099 - He tells her to shake hands with men and threatens to divorce her if she does not do it 87654 - She swore to leave her husband – what is the ruling on that? 88269 - Her mother approved of the fiancé then she rejected him. Is she sinning if she marries him? 83570 - If he has intercourse but does not ejaculate, ghusl is still required 67940 - Should she ask for a divorce from her husband who does not pray regularly and does not give her her rights? 83748 - She wants to help her fiancé with regard to marriage but her siblings say no 83360 - Woman going out to visit her parents and relatives without her husband’s permission 82550 - She had an argument with her husband and went to her family’s house for three months 78966 - He insists that his wife go out to pray ‘Isha’ and Taraweeh whilst he stays with his daughter 82073 - His wife’s family stipulated that he has to become rich before they will send his wife and children back to him 82089 - He talks to women and looks at promiscuous sites on the internet, and his wife objects 35455 - He imagines that he is having intercourse with someone other than his wife 73416 - Is it haraam to marry a woman who cannot have children? 71345 - Intercourse in the back passage 72203 - He “divorced” his wife by zihaar and swore that he would not have intercourse with her until he was pleased with her 66621 - Does a wife have the right to refuse intimacy with her husband during Ramadaan for the purpose of worship? 72220 - Ruling on kissing one’s wife in the street in front of people 45514 - Is it permissible for the spouses to be naked when having intercourse without any cover?