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Plural marriage and fair treatment of co-wives

98354 - His country forbids plural marriage and he wants to marry a second wife with the permission of her brother but not her father 99347 - If a co-wife stays in the hospital or goes to visit her family, does she forfeit her right to a share of her husband’s time? 98388 - Is he sinning if he keeps one of his wives with him and sends the other back to his homeland? 91962 - Getting married with the intention of divorce and the bad consequences of that 88197 - She is very anxious because the second wife may inherit the same as her 82443 - His wife is pregnant and he wants to marry a second wife; should he delay the marriage contract? 85239 - He regrets his first marriage and wants to take a second wife 41737 - He has two wives and it is difficult for him to treat them fairly 49044 - Ruling on plural marriage and conditions thereof 36486 - Plural marriage is mustahabb for the one who can afford it; it is not obligatory 10091 - How can he treat his two wives fairly? 20455 - Is it permissible for a man who has two wives to go to his first wife every day of the week? 9419 - He borrowed from his wife and wants to take a second wife 11744 - She wants to marry a man but the law does not permit plural marriage. What should she do? 21459 - The reason why plural marriage is permitted for men but not for women 14021 - She is asking her husband to divorce her co-wife 14022 - The ruling on plural marriage and the wisdom behind it 9789 - Wife asking husband’s permission to fast when he has another wife 26318 - A man wants to take a second wife – would the second wife be sinning? 12523 - Conditions for plural marriage