Sat 19 Jm2 1435 - 19 April 2014

Plural marriage and fair treatment of co-wives

41 Does he have to tell his second wife that he is married?.
42 His wife cannot conceive now and he wants more children.
43 He borrowed from his wife and wants to take a second wife.
44 Going to the house of the second wife on a day or night that is not hers.
45 Misyaar marriage: definition and rulings.
46 He married her without the knowledge of his first wife, then his secret was found out, and he is still not giving her her rights with regard to his staying overnight with her.
47 He stipulated that she should look after his father, then he took a second wife and she asked him for separate accommodation and to divide the work with her co-wife.
48 He is away from his country and his wife and he wants to take a second wife.
49 If a man is absent on the night of one of his wives with or without an excuse, he has to come back and make up that night.
50 Why did the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) not allow ‘Ali ibn Abi Taalib to take a second wife when he was married to Faatimah (may Allah be pleased with them both)?.
51 He has two wives and he does not allow one of them go out or to receive visits from her family except with his permission.
52 Ruling on kissing and embracing one wife in front of her co-wives!.
53 He wants her as a second wife without telling the first; should she accept?.
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