Rights of spouses

45177 - It is not permissible for one of the spouses to prevent pregnancy without the consent of the other 26898 - Husband’s parents preventing the wife from visiting her own family 140687 - The husband's father and mother have no authority over their son’s wife 10143 - Ruling on tying the tubes unnecessarily 127170 - Her husband does not want more children but she does 22026 - Her husband only has intercourse with her every four months 110048 - He cut off his relationship with his wife a while ago. Does he have to divorce her? 119309 - He wants to stay up and he disturbs his wife, and she is complaining about his actions. Should he divorce her? 13924 - Does she have to obey her husband’s mother? 127061 - She is afraid that her husband is neglecting her because he spends most of his time at worke 111165 - He did the marriage contract with her and was intimate with her without intercourse in Ramadaan, and he had intercourse with her before announcing the marriage! 112002 - Is spending on a defiantly disobedient wife obligatory if she is pregnant? 112048 - A wife should not let anyone enter her husband’s home except with his permission 110845 - The mother’s rights over her daughter are great but the husband’s rights over his wife are greater 102049 - His wife is careless about prayers – should he divorce her? 102538 - His father wants him to travel for work and his wife insists on him staying 111796 - What should a person do who has the problem of looking at women? 111816 - His mother forced him to fall short with regard to the rights of one of his two wives 110059 - He had intercourse with his wife when she was observing a voluntary fast 101912 - Her husband reviles her and accuses her and threatens to kill her; is it permissible for her to ask for a divorce from him?