Rights of spouses

102311 - If his wife does not agree to him being away for more than six months 104166 - Is his spending on his wife who is also a relative regarded as kindness towards her family? 98829 - Her husband is mentally ill and hurts her. How should she deal with him? Does he have any rights? 103426 - Wife serving her husband’s father 100949 - She wants to stay overnight with her family and her husband wants her to stay with his family 99469 - Should he stop his wife from listening to misguided daa’iyahs? 100024 - Her husband is always busy playing or watching football (soccer). Can she get a TV? 83776 - Her husband is not fulfilling her sexual desires so she is resorting to masturbation 11872 - Obedience is only with regard to that which is right and proper 96103 - His wife reviles him and insults him. What should he do? 12403 - Advice to one who wants to get married but is not able for it 87834 - If he forbids her to visit her family, should she obey him? 82334 - Ruling on abortion, divorcing a pregnant woman and putting pressure on a wife to make her give up her rights 96455 - Her family are objecting to her living with her husband’s family 94965 - She is asking for separate accommodation; is that regarded as causing separation between her husband and his family? 65683 - She drinks wine in front of him and he is afraid that if he divorces her, she will take the children, and she is a kaafir 91975 - Her mother wants to see her but she cannot travel there 74321 - What is permissible for a husband after doing the marriage contract with his wife and before announcing the consummation of the marriage? 81933 - Is it one of the wife’s rights to have her own accommodation? 84951 - Her husband cannot produce children and he is addicted to haraam things