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Rights of spouses

74321 - What is permissible for a husband after doing the marriage contract with his wife and before announcing the consummation of the marriage? 81933 - Is it one of the wife’s rights to have her own accommodation? 84951 - Her husband cannot produce children and he is addicted to haraam things 85162 - She lives with her husband’s family even though there is a separate apartment available 67940 - Should she ask for a divorce from her husband who does not pray regularly and does not give her her rights? 83613 - He divorced her in return for half of the mahr after he accused her. Does he have the right to this money? 83360 - Woman going out to visit her parents and relatives without her husband’s permission 70222 - Can he force his family to move far away from him so that they will not live in a kaafir land? 69937 - Ruling on her going out of the house without her husband’s permission and travelling without a mahram 50732 - Does a man have to ask his wife for permission to observe a voluntary fast as is required of her? 42532 - It is not permissible to force one’s wife to give up her rights before divorcing her 20433 - Is it permissible for a wife to take from her husband’s wealth without his permission? 36818 - Her husband left her for a long time with her agreement; is she sinning by not asking for a divorce? 45715 - Can the wife of a prisoner wear provocative clothing for him when visiting him? 48956 - Can a man prevent his wife from observing i’tikaaf? 49834 - The reason why a woman is not allowed to observe a naafil fast without her husband’s permission 48489 - Her husband is weak – can she put medicine in his food without him knowing? 43123 - Obeying one’s husband comes before obeying one’s parents and siblings 27104 - He talks about marriage secrets and gets married with the intention of divorcing the woman 38013 - Her husband cannot have intercourse with her because of the pain she feels. What is the solution?