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182816 - Will a conditional divorce be nullified if a woman is completely divorced then her husband marries her again with a new marriage contract? 227698 - Marriage without the woman’s wali (guardian), and innovated divorces (talaaq bid‘i) 185490 - He said to her before consummation of the marriage and after being alone with her: “I don’t want you any more”, and he does not remember what his intention was 191258 - Issues having to do with conditional divorce, and different fatwas about whether it counts as such 175972 - He concealed the fact that he had divorced his wife thrice (in writing) in a talaaq form, then his wife found out about it. Does the talaaq count as such? 228990 - His wife asked him for a divorce, so he gave her khula‘ even though she refused it. Is their separation regarded as khula‘ or talaaq? 192621 - If he said to his wife, “You are thrice haraam for me,” what is the ruling on that? 98965 - Rulings and issues for a husband who discovered a romantic relationship between his wife and another man 193599 - Guidelines on what constitutes consummation of the marriage and ruling on divorce of one whose husband has been alone with her, at the time of menses 225492 - If he said to his wife: “Go back to your father’s house,” does that count as a divorce (talaaq)? 132757 - If a man divorces his wife before consummation of the marriage, she becomes haraam for all of his offspring 212983 - He said to his wife: “If you leave the house, then you are divorced.” Then she left the house, then she came back and told him in an arrogant and sarcastic way that she was divorced 211945 - He divorced his wife after the end of the forty-day postpartum period; does this divorce count as such? 221850 - It is not permissible for a Muslim to refer for judgement to man-made laws or to take more than he is entitled to 178554 - He divorced her for a third time because he thought that she had been spying on him, but the second divorce came during a period of purity when he had had intercourse with her 161234 - Can I ask for a divorce because of my resentment towards my husband? 216915 - He divorced his wife once, then when he went to document it officially in the court, he signed a paper that said he had divorced her three times 218264 - He denied the marriage contract then affirmed it; does that count as a talaaq (divorce)? 217327 - Her husband has divorced her and is refusing to let her go back to his house until she has apologized to his parents 98775 - Ruling on divorce (talaaq) by one who is drunk