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85554 - He divorced her in front of her family then in the presence of the notary public. Does that count as two divorces (talaaq)? 85575 - He said to his wife during an argument: This is a separation between me and you 88085 - He said to his wife: It is haraam for us to speak to one another if you go to such and such a place 90113 - He issued a conditional divorce and based it on his wife’s intention 50305 - He said to his wife: “You are to me like my mother” 38602 - Broken Vows While Suffering From Waswaas 82780 - Her husband frequently swears by divorce. Is she still married to him? 70460 - He sent a message via mobile phone divorcing his wife as a joke 72439 - Her husband is very bad-tempered and has divorced her three times 73408 - What should the woman who is revocably divorced avoid and what should she avoid if she is irrevocably divorced? 72291 - Divorce in Writing 44038 - Ruling on divorcing in jest 75408 - They became Muslim after they got divorced and they have a daughter. What are the rights of both of them? 43498 - Does the Throne of Allaah shake because of divorce? 43481 - He said to his wife: You are divorced when we go back to our country 36835 - He divorced his wife on the basis of a false accusation 72417 - Divorce at the time of menses 70342 - He issued the third talaaq (divorce) and claims that he was angry 42532 - It is not permissible to force one’s wife to give up her rights before divorcing her 12590 - Is it permissible to divorce one’s wife when she is pregnant?