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42532 - It is not permissible to force one’s wife to give up her rights before divorcing her 12590 - Is it permissible to divorce one’s wife when she is pregnant? 40269 - Husband forcing his wife to abort a pregnancy 49821 - Rights of a woman whose husband divorced her before consummating the marriage 12667 - The ‘iddah of a woman divorced by talaaq 49719 - Their father is senile and divorced their mother – did divorce really take place? And should they put him in a home for the elderly? 47040 - Man divorcing his wife on his parents’ orders 36761 - Ruling on divorce via e-mail 36580 - He pronounced divorce three times but the qaadi wrote it down as one divorce. The ‘iddah has now ended and he wants to take her back 13253 - Married to a Christian woman – what should he do next? 44923 - His mother wants him to divorce his second wife so that no one else will follow his example and marry more than one wife 34579 - She wants a divorce but he does not want to divorce her 22850 - He said to his wife, “I don’t want a woman who is like this.” Is this regarded as a divorce (talaaq)? 20660 - He intended divorce but he did not speak the words out loud. Did divorce take place? 39941 - He swore to divorce her if she visited her family, and now he has recanted. Does he have to offer kafaarat yameen? 34164 - He thought of divorcing his wife 26221 - He said that his wife would be haraam to him if he took a second wife and now he wants to marry again 23463 - Man writing romantic letters to his former wife 62839 - Remedy for Whispers from Shaytan 22680 - He left the house and went away. Is this counted as a talaaq (divorce)?