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214894 - Her husband divorced her and she got her period on the same day that the divorce papers were signed, then he took her back with a text message after three months 195336 - Her husband’s family told her that he had divorced her but she did not hear that from her husband, and he did not write any divorce paper for her 209832 - Her husband divorced her (talaaq) then took her back, then she asked him for a second and third talaaq, and is asking whether this is khul‘ or talaaq 175624 - Rulings having to do with divorce before consummation of the marriage 175765 - The difference between khula‘ and talaaq 175230 - She does not want to stay with her husband who is a bad person; can she claim that he raped her or beat her in order to get separation from him? 178477 - Is artificial insemination regarded as taking back a wife who is revocably divorced? 167255 - The wisdom behind limiting divorce (talaaq) to three 197283 - He divorced his wife and they want to get back together in accordance with sharee‘ah 192310 - His wife is accusing him of harassing her sister and he said to her: If I touch your sister then our marriage is invalid. Then he touched her again with desire 192952 - He issued a conditional divorce in a state of extreme anger in which he almost lost his mind 183691 - Talaaq of one who is mentally ill 178227 - Ruling on one who says “Harramt (she is haraam to me)” but does not intend to divorce 183616 - He divorced her via text message several times, and when she was menstruating, and when he was angry 177733 - He uttered the word of divorce (talaaq) whilst explaining the rulings on divorce and its wording to his wife 182855 - She got married a second time for the purpose of going back to her first husband 182868 - Divorcing (talaaq) three times based on a belief that it is obligatory 181545 - He divorced his wife irrevocably then died during her ‘iddah 175184 - When taking the wife back (following a revocable divorce), it is not essential that the wife know 181583 - He divorced her five times on various occasions