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179247 - He Divorced Her Several Times and She Doesn't Know if She's Still His Wife or Not 175516 - He divorced her a third time during a period of purity in which he had had intercourse with her 175897 - He divorced his wife (talaaq) five times! 178722 - He divorced his wife to prove to his family that he's not scared of her while not wanting to do so 171398 - Fake divorce in the court so that the wife can get assistance from the state 178270 - Getting a civil divorce to avoid prison for the husband who has another wife 171051 - He said to his wife: I swear a threefold oath (of divorce) that you will go to school 175080 - He divorced his wife three times in a state of extreme anger 174341 - She insisted on asking him for a divorce so he divorced her without really intending it 169808 - He gave her a third talaaq (divorce) and claimed that he said that in anger 163052 - Ruling on a man who divorced his wife three times when he was under the influence of witchcraft 164649 - He divorced her before consummating the marriage and wants to take her back without her father knowing 99328 - He divorced her three times when he was away from her and the news reached her when she was menstruating 127179 - Does the divorce issued by a kaafir judge or the court in a Western country count as talaaq? 171317 - Her husband did not fulfil her hopes of a life based on religious commitment; should she ask for divorce? 82439 - She asked her husband for a divorce because he mistreated her 107018 - He divorced his wife, and her ‘iddah has finished, can he remarry her without returning to the court? 167252 - Her husband does not pray and he refuses to divorce her until she gives him the child 165974 - Can she ask for a divorce because she does not want her husband and was forced to marry him? 164116 - He said to her “You are divorced (talaaq)” twice, as a joke, then she separated from him by khula‘