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23269 - Does touching with desire count as taking back a divorced wife? 146967 - He divorced his wife when she was in nifaas (post-partum bleeding) when she insisted on divorce 47335 - Her husband drinks alcohol; should she stay with him? 151734 - He said to his wife: If you have problems with me I will send you your papers; does this count as divorce (talaaq)? 75306 - Accepting what a woman says about the beginning and end of a period 147867 - His wife pretended to be religious before he married her, then she became heedless about prayer after marriage; should he divorce her? 148520 - Divorce by phone 152242 - Ruling on a divorce that was issued before consummation when the wife was menstruating 146548 - He said to his wife: If you do this thing you will be divorced 150617 - He wants to take her back on condition that she give up the furniture that he put in her name 149071 - She married him without a guardian (wali) and now she wants to leave him, but he does not want that 144991 - He said that if his wife gave birth to a third daughter he would divorce her, but he did not intend to divorce her 45600 - Her husband only gives her maintenance, and he lives far away from her. Can she ask for a divorce? 144016 - She wants a divorce and is asking about the delayed portion of the mahr and household effects 31778 - It is not a condition of divorce that the wife should know or that she should be divorced face-to-face 45174 - Ruling on divorce at a moment of anger 125215 - Does signing a divorce paper count as divorce? 142953 - Documenting divorce in a civil, non-Islamic court 140457 - Can a divorced woman ask her husband for what she gave him of wealth and what she put in her house? 139869 - Can she ask her husband to use a condom to protect herself if he marries another wife?