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142683 - He divorced her officially and irrevocably, and now he wants to go back to her 148427 - Ruling on the wife of one who reviles religion 132219 - He does not like children; can he divorce her so that she can marry someone else and have children with him? 140573 - Is it permissible to ask Allah for his wife, whom he divorced three times, to marry a man who she does not get on with, so that he can take her back? 115107 - Does she have the right to ask for divorce if her husband is having haraam relationships with other women? 118278 - He said to his wife: Today will be your divorce 112782 - He divorced his wife three times before consummation of the marriage 113422 - He said: “If I get another job I shall issue a divorce,” then he fell silent, then he said: “to the company” 106824 - He said to his wife: If you go out you are divorced, and he previously divorced her twice (talaaq) 110050 - He said to his son: If you do not stop fighting, I shall divorce your mother 109216 - He divorced his wife before consummating the marriage and he does not know what he said because he was so angry 106285 - He divorced her and took her back three times during pregnancy 36548 - What is the relationship of a woman to the man who has divorced her? 106328 - He divorced her three times during a period of purity (tuhr) in which he had had intercourse with her 142326 - He told her a lie about his parents and she is asking him for khula‘ 13243 - Some causes of divorce 105438 - He made the divorce of his wife conditional upon her doing something then he gave her permission to do it 118325 - Ruling on asking for divorce because of depression 82400 - Conditional divorce and divorce in a state of extreme anger 128823 - Making his wife's divorce conditional upon something that she did by mistake