112012 - He divorced a woman by zihaar before the marriage contract was done with her, and he wants to marry her! 126314 - He said to his wife: If you contact so-and-so, then you are divorced, and I got in touch with her. Does the ban still apply? 119209 - He made her divorce conditional upon her disobeying him, and she disobeyed him concerning something that came before his making it conditional; does the divorce count as such? 109248 - He divorced her after the menstrual bleeding ceased and before she did ghusl 117677 - He gave her a conditional divorce that would become effective if she spoke to her sister's husband, then she spoke to him without meaning to 105994 - Insinuating Whispers Suggesting Divorce After Marriage 46561 - Revocable divorce, irrevocable divorce and the threefold divorce 120315 - If the husband says “I divorced my wife” but he is lying or does not intend divorce 105368 - He swore by something other than Allaah that he would divorce his wife 114871 - Divorce does not take place when one merely thinks about it 126281 - Is the woman who is divorced after consummation of the marriage entitled to maintenance? 126292 - He agreed with her husband that if he travelled without her knowledge, it would be the last day between them, and he travelled 120761 - Status of the Hadeeth: “The most hated thing before Allaah is divorce” 110010 - She said to her husband: You are haraam to me until the Day of Judgement 106501 - If he says to his wife “Your bed is haraam for me” 120657 - He said to her, “Get in the car, I will divorce you” 119540 - He is threatening to divorce her if she does not work 72860 - He issued a divorce document when he does not really want to divorce 95528 - If a divorce is made conditional upon the actions of another person, and he does it by mistake 11435 - He divorced his fourth wife and wants to marry another; should he wait until her ‘iddah ends?