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13243 - Some causes of divorce Published Date: 2010-01-16 105438 - He made the divorce of his wife conditional upon her doing something then he gave her permission to do it Published Date: 2010-01-14 118325 - Ruling on asking for divorce because of depression Published Date: 2009-11-25 82400 - Conditional divorce and divorce in a state of extreme anger Published Date: 2009-11-10 128823 - Making his wife's divorce conditional upon something that she did by mistake Published Date: 2009-10-05 128751 - He swore that if his son married a particular woman he would to divorce his wife Published Date: 2009-10-03 127280 - He said to his wife: It's over between us, go to your family. But he forgot what he intended by that Published Date: 2009-08-02 127627 - Implicit divorce in the event of doubt concerning the intention or when there is waswasah Published Date: 2009-07-29 127587 - He said to his fiancée: If you conceal anything from me, you will be haraam to me after marriage Published Date: 2009-07-28 128502 - Her husband does not pray and he is treating her badly before consummation of the marriage. Should she ask for a divorce? Published Date: 2009-07-23 127685 - He divorced her through the courts but that was during the period of purity following menses in which he had had intercourse with her; does she have the right to marry another man? Published Date: 2009-07-21 105998 - If a person makes divorce conditional upon something, then he does that thing by mistake or because he is forced to Published Date: 2009-07-19 125715 - He said to his wife “anti qaaliq (which sounds like taaliq = divorced)” as a joke Published Date: 2009-07-09 128827 - He divorced her once but the official recorded it as three divorces Published Date: 2009-07-05 112012 - He divorced a woman by zihaar before the marriage contract was done with her, and he wants to marry her! Published Date: 2009-06-20 126314 - He said to his wife: If you contact so-and-so, then you are divorced, and I got in touch with her. Does the ban still apply? Published Date: 2009-06-17 119209 - He made her divorce conditional upon her disobeying him, and she disobeyed him concerning something that came before his making it conditional; does the divorce count as such? Published Date: 2009-06-16 109248 - He divorced her after the menstrual bleeding ceased and before she did ghusl Published Date: 2009-05-17 117677 - He gave her a conditional divorce that would become effective if she spoke to her sister's husband, then she spoke to him without meaning to Published Date: 2009-05-13 105994 - Insinuating Whispers Suggesting Divorce After Marriage Published Date: 2009-05-11