118458 - He authorized her to get divorced and she got divorced herself 118094 - She asked for divorce and he said: “If this is really what you want in your heart then it is as you wish” 110488 - He divorced his wife thrice and he wants to take her back 117780 - She is asking for a divorce for no reason. Can he take back the mahr? 101574 - She left her husband’s home, and her lover asked her to marry him when she was still married! 107044 - He imagined that his wife was standing in front of him and he spoke to her in a way that he fears constitutes a divorce 116641 - What if the wife claims that he divorced her but he denies it or forgot it? 104905 - He thought about divorcing his wife and uttered the words to himself in a low voice 13254 - Divorce from a husband who is addicted to smoking 111881 - The reason why divorce is in the man’s hands, and the ruling on divorce for no reason 115211 - She said to her husband: I am not your wife 93208 - She is using man-made laws to prevent her husband from marrying again 82641 - Rights of revocably and irrevocably divorced women 45522 - She claims that her husband raped her daughter and left; is she divorced automatically? 70224 - Is it sufficient to divorce through lawyers? 99783 - Her husband divorced her twice and she has got to know a young man via the internet who wants to marry her 99059 - He spoke the words of divorce because his wife yells at her daughter 102331 - He said to his wife, “If I bring you home then you are divorced” 70242 - He divorced her before consummation of the marriage and she is thinking of going back to him 83721 - He did a marriage contract with her and she changed – should he divorce her?