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126292 - He agreed with her husband that if he travelled without her knowledge, it would be the last day between them, and he travelled Published Date: 2009-01-04 120761 - Status of the Hadeeth: “The most hated thing before Allaah is divorce” Published Date: 2008-11-01 110010 - She said to her husband: You are haraam to me until the Day of Judgement Published Date: 2008-10-27 106501 - If he says to his wife “Your bed is haraam for me” Published Date: 2008-10-12 120657 - He said to her, “Get in the car, I will divorce you” Published Date: 2008-10-08 119540 - He is threatening to divorce her if she does not work Published Date: 2008-09-15 72860 - He issued a divorce document when he does not really want to divorce Published Date: 2008-08-18 95528 - If a divorce is made conditional upon the actions of another person, and he does it by mistake Published Date: 2008-08-16 11435 - He divorced his fourth wife and wants to marry another; should he wait until her ‘iddah ends? Published Date: 2008-08-14 118458 - He authorized her to get divorced and she got divorced herself Published Date: 2008-08-06 118094 - She asked for divorce and he said: “If this is really what you want in your heart then it is as you wish” Published Date: 2008-07-31 110488 - He divorced his wife thrice and he wants to take her back Published Date: 2008-07-20 117780 - She is asking for a divorce for no reason. Can he take back the mahr? Published Date: 2008-07-16 101574 - She left her husband’s home, and her lover asked her to marry him when she was still married! Published Date: 2008-07-08 107044 - He imagined that his wife was standing in front of him and he spoke to her in a way that he fears constitutes a divorce Published Date: 2008-06-26 116641 - What if the wife claims that he divorced her but he denies it or forgot it? Published Date: 2008-05-24 104905 - He thought about divorcing his wife and uttered the words to himself in a low voice Published Date: 2008-05-19 13254 - Divorce from a husband who is addicted to smoking Published Date: 2008-05-10 111881 - The reason why divorce is in the man’s hands, and the ruling on divorce for no reason Published Date: 2008-04-23 115211 - She said to her husband: I am not your wife Published Date: 2008-04-09