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93208 - She is using man-made laws to prevent her husband from marrying again 82641 - Rights of revocably and irrevocably divorced women 45522 - She claims that her husband raped her daughter and left; is she divorced automatically? 70224 - Is it sufficient to divorce through lawyers? 99783 - Her husband divorced her twice and she has got to know a young man via the internet who wants to marry her 99059 - He spoke the words of divorce because his wife yells at her daughter 102331 - He said to his wife, “If I bring you home then you are divorced” 70242 - He divorced her before consummation of the marriage and she is thinking of going back to him 83721 - He did a marriage contract with her and she changed – should he divorce her? 83044 - His wife became Muslim but he hurts her and mistreats her 81726 - Divorce does not take place on the basis of a decision or intention unless the words are uttered 103432 - Ruling on getting married and divorced on paper in order to have residency in a kaafir country 106437 - Her parents refuse to let her go back to her husband who divorced her by khula’ 103421 - She insulted him and his family, so he divorced her three times 101702 - He had intercourse with his ex-wife during the ‘iddah without intending to take her back and she became pregnant 82501 - He said to his wife: If you touch the mobile phone, go by yourself to your family 101912 - Her husband reviles her and accuses her and threatens to kill her; is it permissible for her to ask for a divorce from him? 103933 - He said to his brother-in-law “Your sister is divorced.” Has divorce taken place? 99970 - She has been divorced a second time and her ‘iddah has ended 99870 - Seeking divorce due to harm