83044 - His wife became Muslim but he hurts her and mistreats her 81726 - Divorce does not take place on the basis of a decision or intention unless the words are uttered 103432 - Ruling on getting married and divorced on paper in order to have residency in a kaafir country 106437 - Her parents refuse to let her go back to her husband who divorced her by khula’ 103421 - She insulted him and his family, so he divorced her three times 101702 - He had intercourse with his ex-wife during the ‘iddah without intending to take her back and she became pregnant 82501 - He said to his wife: If you touch the mobile phone, go by yourself to your family 101912 - Her husband reviles her and accuses her and threatens to kill her; is it permissible for her to ask for a divorce from him? 103933 - He said to his brother-in-law “Your sister is divorced.” Has divorce taken place? 99970 - She has been divorced a second time and her ‘iddah has ended 99870 - Seeking divorce due to harm 11105 - Is a divorce done by the judge valid? 101907 - Her husband divorced her and claims that he was drunk 34571 - Divorcing a wife because of her bad attitude 95798 - Raising the hands in the first tashahhud – before or after standing? 100997 - He said to her: You are not my wife and I will never come back to you 96194 - Threefold divorce counts as one according to the correct scholarly opinion 99645 - She raised a knife against him and threatened him so he would divorce her. Does the divorce count as such? 96103 - His wife reviles him and insults him. What should he do? 98670 - He said to his wife, “It’s over” and he does not know whether he intended then to divorce her or not