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Breast Feeding

175250 - A woman who is well-known for lying testified that she breast-fed the one who wants to propose to her; should her word be accepted? 200311 - He was breastfed by his maternal grandmother, along with his maternal cousin; what is the ruling? 128483 - The children of your father through breastfeeding from his second wife who did not breastfeed you are siblings to you 176106 - His mother breastfed his maternal aunt; what is the ruling on marrying the daughters of his maternal aunt? 111404 - Breastfeeding with the aim of establishing the mahram relationship 130116 - Can the mother ask the father for payment in return for breastfeeding her children from him? 150244 - Can he marry a girl whose maternal uncle was breastfed with his oldest brother? 173123 - Taking hormones to stimulate milk production in the woman: Will she become a mother through breastfeeding thereby and will her husband become a father? 147977 - She breastfed her sister’s daughter so that she would be a mahram to her sons 147971 - If he was breastfed by a woman, does her son become a mahram to his daughter? 148273 - There is no nothing wrong with getting pregnant whilst breastfeeding 141208 - She breastfed a child thinking that it was her son; is the mahram relationship through breastfeeding established? 126675 - All the children of the woman who breastfed you, from all of her husbands, are brothers and sisters to you 104397 - Most of his maternal cousins were breastfed by his mother and he was breastfed by his maternal aunt; what is the ruling on his brother? 117623 - He was breastfed by the wife of his paternal uncle; are the daughters of his paternal uncle from his other wife forbidden to him for marriage? 113287 - Can a woman breastfeed her child in front of her mahrams? 101768 - The daughters of a father through breastfeeding from his second wife are siblings of the child who was breastfed 97518 - He was breastfed with her maternal uncle five times – is she forbidden for him for marriage? 97087 - She found an abandoned baby and wants her daughters to breastfeed him so that he will become a mahram for her 89708 - Rate of maintenance for children if they are in their mother’s custody