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Waiting Period of Widow or Divorcee

192663 - Is it permissible for a woman who is observing ‘iddah following her husband’s death to attend the Eid prayer? 192496 - She did not observe ‘iddah following her husband’s death because she thought that ‘iddah was only required for a woman whose marriage had been consummated 193290 - When does the ‘iddah in the case of revocable divorce end? Is it when the menstrual bleeding ceases and the woman sees the tuhr (white discharge signalling the end of menses), or is it essential for her to do ghusl? 122703 - The revocably-divorced woman should not observe ‘iddah in her family’s house except in cases of necessity 216816 - She got divorced when she was pregnant, then she miscarried, but there were no human features in the embryo; she thought that her ‘iddah was over at that point, then she got married 209314 - She wants to become Muslim but she is in nifaas; how should she work out her ‘iddah? 136998 - Ruling on the woman going out of her house during ‘iddah following divorce (talaaq) 196077 - She does not have a place to live; where should she observe ‘iddah following khula‘? 172350 - Is a Christian woman required to observe ‘iddah if her Muslim husband divorces her? 189336 - Working out the ‘iddah following the death of the husband according to the Hijri date 181545 - He divorced his wife irrevocably then died during her ‘iddah 170835 - He married a woman before the end of her ‘iddah following the death of her husband 180793 - Where should a revocably-divorced woman observe ‘iddah when her husband is in another country and there is no marital home? 164587 - Is it obligatory to observe ‘iddah for a woman who has had her uterus removed (hysterectomy)? 164425 - Her husband told her that she should not take off her gold bangles as long as she lived, and he died before her. Should she carry out his wishes? 171791 - Her husband divorced her by talaaq and she married another man during the ‘iddah 158544 - Is it permissible for a woman who is in ‘iddah following the death of her husband to come out to receive condolences from people somewhere other than her own house? 148223 - She is observing ‘iddah in her family’s house and want to go out to Qur’aan study circles 149592 - The ‘iddah following divorce (talaaq) had ended and her husband had intercourse with her without being certain that he had taken her back during the ‘iddah 75306 - Accepting what a woman says about the beginning and end of a period