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Customs and traditions

192766 - Ruling on keeping an animal that is a cross between a wolf and a dog 125810 - Giving children Eid money on the two Eids 183049 - Ruling on collecting stamps and trading in them 181665 - Definition of the Islamic character and its main features, and a warning against spoiling or distorting it 186787 - Ruling on giving a banquet when a sports team wins 145427 - Ruling on celebrating successes or the return of one who has been away, if that is at the same time as Christmas 177296 - Naming animals or giving animals special names that are different from what they are usually called 158570 - He finds it difficult to collect the papers that are thrown on the ground, on which there is the name of Allah 137243 - What is the ruling on signing up for and participating in Facebook? 147151 - Ruling on the riddle: “Who are those who speak the truth but their destination is Hell?” 140526 - Is it permissible to keep and train foxes and wolves and other predators? 145269 - Is it proven in the Sunnah that if a man wants to move house he should do so on a Wednesday? 143273 - Ruling on bridesmaids 142032 - Ruling on eating pickles and bread made with yeast in the dough 112027 - Calling hospitals and Qur’an schools by the names of prominent Muslims 126562 - There is nothing wrong with singling out Saturdays for family visits 124154 - Ruling on keeping pets 121635 - Ruling on students standing up to greet the teacher when he enters the classroom 120807 - A spacious house is part of the Muslim’s happiness 105346 - Can he bring the exam results to a law student?