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Customs and traditions

33668 - Keeping dogs to guard the house 97014 - Should he attend the university graduation ceremony that is sponsored by Buddhists? 106438 - Ruling on buying memorabilia of famous people for outrageous sums 98782 - Naming a bookstore after Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen 99585 - Zakaat al-fitr on behalf of a wife who has been given a revocable divorce (first or second talaaq) 98793 - Entering Chat Rooms on the Internet for Fun 95029 - Ruling on setting up a website for posting audio and video files 77225 - The hadeeth “Every merchant will enter Hell except those who are pious.” 75525 - Doubts about the obligation to let the beard grow and answers to them 79141 - Hanging electrically illuminated crescents and stars on the outside of buildings during Ramadaan 69777 - Prohibition on keeping dogs except those exempted by sharee’ah 45880 - Does the ruling on driving a car vary from one country to another? 39376 - Throwing away papers on which is one of the names of Allaah 7004 - Keeping cats 11609 - Eating beef that has not been slaughtered properly until after it has been killed 10498 - It is permissible to eat ostrich meat if it is slaughtered properly 9977 - Ruling on trimming the beard because it looks scary 5390 - Disposing of papers in which Allaah’s name is mentioned