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‘Aqeeqah and rulings on the new-born

223916 - Ruling on slaughtering a cow with the intention of offering the udhiyah and the ‘aqeeqah on behalf of a son and a daughter 149415 - Ruling on eating all of the udhiyah or giving all of it in charity 186347 - He wants to attribute his child from his second wife to his first wife, because she cannot have children. What is the ruling? 196742 - If a person changes his name, does he have to offer another ‘aqeeqah on his own behalf? 171377 - How to work out the seventh day on which it is mustahabb to sacrifice the ‘aqeeqah 178647 - Is it permissible to give the ‘aqeeqah of his son to his sister for her wedding party? 175537 - Should he delay the ‘aqeeqah of his child until he comes back from his travels, or should he appoint someone to slaughter the ‘aqeeqah on his behalf? 147029 - It is not essential in order for the ‘aqeeqah to be valid to inform the one who eats from it that it is ‘aqeeqah 167711 - There is nothing wrong with slaughtering the ‘aqeeqah and distributing the meat raw 34974 - Is it better to do the ‘aqeeqah or to give its price in charity? 167574 - Ruling on medical tests to out the sex of the foetus 50106 - The foetus died in the fourth month; should he be named and the ‘aqeeqah be done for him, and should he be washed and shrouded? 162811 - Can the mother do the ‘aqeeqah for her child if the father has divorced her? 149278 - Ruling on baby showers 82161 - Does the intention of offering ‘aqeeqah count for the udhiyah as well, and vice versa? 32554 - Ruling on distributing food when an infant reaches the age of forty days 20018 - Ruling on ‘aqeeqah, and are the poor excused from it? 47030 - Selling a sacrificial animal, and the acceptable age for an animal for ‘aqeeqah 106630 - Ruling on slaughtering one animal for both udhiyah and ‘aqeeqah 119562 - He vowed to offer an ‘aqeeqah for his son, but he was unable to fulfil his vow; what must he do?