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Medicine and medical treatments

169979 - Is it permissible for a woman to study medicine during which she will see and touch ‘awrahs (private parts)? 170208 - Can music be used to treat depression? 151043 - Doctor working in a pharmacy: can he prescribe medicine for people who are sick? 149617 - Using medicine to increase growth hormone and treat short stature 170377 - He is suffering from hair loss; can he use a natural remedy to make the hair grow and does that have any impact on his wudoo’? 170793 - She wants to have boy twins by means of in vitro fertilisation 159675 - Aphrodisiacs and the ruling on taking them 108125 - Stem cells: definition, ruling on setting up stem cell banks and using them for medical purposes 121918 - Using the placenta for medical purposes 161033 - Details on how to use honey for medicinal purposes -- refer to experts in the field for information 161799 - Ruling on cosmetic surgery to make one taller 158445 - Ill and Refuses Take Medication 157881 - She changed her sex to male then she became Muslim 159845 - Types of immunisations and the ruling on vaccinating people with them 111004 - Ruling on homoeopathy 152357 - Ruling on wearing coloured contact lenses for men 152447 - Is it permissible to donate bone marrow? Will the donor be rewarded even if he donates it to a non-Muslim? 152086 - She has become flabby because of losing weight; can she have surgery to lift her breasts? 152130 - She wants to have surgery in order to lose excess weight 147421 - Ruling on using medicine that contains menthol