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Reciting the Quraan Over a Sick

217325 - Will asking for ruqyah if one needs it rule out being admitted to Paradise without being called to account? 225190 - He is suffering the effects of witchcraft and asking for advice 133552 - Ruling on writing Qur’anic verses for one who is sick to wear them 174933 - Ruling on reciting ruqyah in unison over sick people 114281 - Can the foetus be aborted if the mother reads Soorat az-Zalzalah? 152742 - Is it permissible for a menstruating woman to hold the Mushaf with a barrier and perform ruqyah for herself? 175189 - Selection of Verses and Supplications for Incantation Purposes 178428 - Determining if a Person is Afflicted With Evil Eye 147094 - Going to the church and seeking help from the priest 47059 - He is asking about a ruqyah so that he will be blessed with a child 161188 - She is asking about the ruling on drinking water over which Soorah Ya-Seen has been recited in order to treat doubts 139092 - The reason why those who ask for ruqyah are not included in the seventy thousand will enter Paradise without being brought to account 121234 - Ruling on seeking help from the qareen on the part of some of those who treat sickness with ruqyah 112085 - Ruling on the raaqi throttling the person who is sick and possessed 11109 - It is not permissible for women to wear shoes that look like men’s shoes 111809 - Writing Qur’aanic verses on a vessel so that it can be washed and the water drunk by one who is sick 89604 - Waswaas (Satanic Whispers) About the Evil Eye 60162 - Is it permissible for him to open a business offering treatment with ruqyah and cupping? 21581 - Ruling on reciting Qur’an and blowing into water 3476 - The virtues of ruqyah and du’aa’s to be recited therein