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Supplications prescribed in Shareeah

104919 - Seeking Forgiveness is a Means of Strengthening the Body 100009 - The virtue of staying in the mosque after Fajr prayer 98821 - The du’aa’ which saved the Sahaabi from the thief, in which are the words “Yaa Wadood, yaa Dhaa’l-‘arsh il’majeed (O Most Loving, O Owner of the majestic Throne)” 21902 - Guidelines on shar’i wird 85481 - Ruling on saying Bala (yes indeed) when the verse “Is not Allaah the Best of judges?” [al-Teen 95:8] is recited 88102 - Defining a set number of times to send blessings on the Prophet 91305 - Remembering Allaah (dhikr) by saying His name by itself 90186 - Virtues of Surah Taha 82463 - Du’aa’ for protection against vermin 77208 - Are there any du’aa’s specifically for protecting a new house? 75399 - What du’aa’ should a parent say for a sick child? 69785 - What are the means of remembering adhkaar and not forgetting them? 60420 - The time for the evening adhkaar, and is there any overlap between the adhkaar of prayer and the adhkaar of morning and evening? 72826 - Will he be rewarded for dhikr of the tongue when his heart is not focused? 70577 - Is it essential to move the tongue when reciting Qur’aan and dhikr? 47976 - Ruling on writing (S) or (SAWS) etc 47073 - He invented a wird made up of du’aa’s narrated in the Qur’aan and Sunnah, reciting them a certain number of times, so as to make the length of dhikr longer 20176 - Some du’aa’s and remedies for one who suffers from pain in his body 20953 - Ruling on making du’aa’ in languages other than Arabic in the prayer 22015 - Mentioning the name of Allaah in the washroom