9231 - Persisting in sin 150599 - He brings them juice without the owner of the restaurant knowing; what should they do? 47924 - Expiation for committing adultery with a married woman 157881 - She changed her sex to male then she became Muslim 46683 - Acceptance of repentance 70547 - He caused some kittens to die – will his repentance be accepted? 83117 - Ruling on one who apostatises repeatedly 147307 - He took some money from a girl with whom he had a relationship; does he have to give it back? 40217 - He has repented from dealing with a riba-based bank but he does not know what his capital was 47971 - They committed zina, then they repented and got married, but she is sure that they will be punished and their children will be deformed 34905 - Repent before it is too late 26985 - Fighting Temptations on TV and the Internet 40157 - He is afraid that if he returns money that he stole before he was guided, he will be found out. What should he do? 47748 - What are lamam (“small faults”)? And what is the ruling on a disobedient Muslim who repeatedly commits them? 45281 - He caused some harm to his friends; does he have to tell them if he intends to repent? 13727 - Ruling on using cameras after repenting 93450 - Love and Correspondence Before Marriage 139491 - He asked her for money or a ticket to travel to meet her, then he did not go 13220 - Is punishment from Allaah one of the consequences of sin? 21223 - She wants to give up prayer as she feels shy before Allaah because she is committing zina